Buy a cottage site. Price from NOK 350.000

Near to - and on the sunny side of - Vråvatn (20 km long lake) you can buy a nice cottage site and build your own cottage/chalet. Only 2 km from Vrådal Panorama Skisenter and to the small center of Vrådal that have a few shops, gasoline station, hotel etc.

It is 2 - 3 hours drive from Kristiansand and Oslo South (Torp)/RyanAir from England/Germany.

A sale prospect - in norwegian - you may look at on Prospect number 118447673 .
Click at 118447673 at PROSPEKT in the yellow area to the left, - or at the LINK below.>PROSPECT COTTAGE SITES (norwegian)


Hyttetomtene ligger mellom Vråvatn og fylkesveg 38. - Fra NOK 350.000

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