The story of the farm

The old farm, "Straumen" as older people in the 1930-ies rememberd the farm. Only the barn was left in the 1920-ies (aboat at the same place as "Storhytta" lies today. Tourist traditions: Halvor Sverre Nordbø - the grandfather of the owner today - built the farm about 50 meters too the right of the old farmyard in 1926/28, the guest house (hotel) started in 1928 and was in operation until 1942. The parents of Halvor - Grethe and Torjus Nordbø - build up the "Fiskebekk Cottages" (for renting out) gradually from 1971 until 1993.

Prospekt card  from "Storstraum lock" of the smal passenger boat "Dølen" that from 1867 too 1937 was going between Treungen in Nissedal (the southern end of Nisser) og VrĂĄliosen (the western end of VrĂĄvatn).  The boat was mostly used as tugboat for logs up to 1908.
Photo of the farm "Straumen" in the 1930-ies, - it would say befpore the road was built across the smal bay south/east of the farm.

Prospect card from "Straumen hotel" taken in the 1930-ies. The building to the left is transported closer to VrĂĄvatn, restored and is called "Storhytta" (type B) today. The building to the right is transportet some meters to the right, restored and is now  called "Midtstoga" (type C).